Sandro, Paul Alexander Nolan & Vanity Fair

A great portrait photographer’s dream is to be published in the most sought out celebrity magazine in the world, Vanity Fair. I received my chance in the November Issue of this year, Photographing Paul Alexander Nolan. Paul will be playing Tully Mars in Jimmy Buffet’s new play “Escape to Margaritaville.”  Along with the help of my hair and makeup artist, Randy Wilder, wardrobe stylist, Leslie Pace, my wonderful set designer, Angela Finney and a huge cast of other great crew members we were able to shoot a few wonderful portraits for the magazine. Thank you to the ever-so-gentlemanly Ron Beinner, Senior photography producer at Vanity Fair Vanity Fair, for the chance of a lifetime and the beginning to a wonderful relationship. My heart is filled with such joy & this opportunity has meant the world to me.


Peace, love & happiness,