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Workplace protocols / General Practices for all workers


To Our Valued Clients, 
Warm Greetings from Sandro, Inc.   

We wanted to let you know that we are in full compliance with the COVID-19 prevention measures and guidelines recommended by AICP & the DGA on-site at our studio.

With these safeguards in place, we are confident that we can produce most any concept you bring us, brilliantly. The process will undoubtedly take a bit longer to meticulously maintain a clean location and safe working distancing between crew, talent and agency/client.

Like the rest of the industry, we're excited to get back to work.  Rest assured, we're here to do it right and do it well.

In addition to following the AICP COVID-19 health production precautions we will also confirm the health status of all crew days prior to when they need to be at location. (The AICP & DGA are in discussion to determine to what extent of testing crew and talent for COVID-19 is possible for commercial shoots. We will update this site with any new information.) Regardless of their recommendations, we strongly recommend all crew and talent be tested a few days prior to our shoot days and request for all attending the shoot to please limit their exposer the week prior to our shoot.   

We will have an PPE-staff/Set-Medic person at our studio checking everyone as they arrive to set and throughout the day.  Our 5000 sqft studio allows sufficient room for social distancing. We will have various PPE stations through the studio stocked with masks, gloves and hand sanitizers, everyone will be required to wear masks, dedicated PPE crew constantly wiping down the location, carefully managed PPE disposal bins throughout location, no open food containers, proper social (working) distance staging areas, etc…    A detailed protection plan will be executed prior in collaboration with all parties to cover all the bases to a healthy production.





  • We wear mask, gloves and practice a stringent safety hygiene regime
  • We check temperatures 3 times daily ( If you have a temperature or a fever 100 or higher you will not be allowed to enter the studio. ( CDC guidelines allows us to wait 15 minutes before we are allowed to recheck your temperature.
  • We sanitize common area touch points and surfaces, door handles, bathroom every 30minutes with an on-location studio cleaner
  • Our Locations are disinfected thoroughly , including surfaces, floors, fabrics with the best proven cleaning agents
  • The entire studio is located with fully stocked hand sanitizer station (Off-Site locations will also be equipped fully)
  • On-Site 5000 sqft studio allows  sufficient room for  social distancing with crew for meals and short breaks ( Same practice off -site)
  • Maximum capacity of studio guest will be addressed with client and agency before the start of any shoot.



  • You will undergo health & temperature screening before entering the studio 
  • Upon arrival, you will be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid-19 such as a fever, difficulty breathing, dry cough, loss of sense of smell or taste., etc.
  • All guest will be asked to use the sanitary station located in the foyer just before entering the studio 
  • If you do not have a mask one will be provided to you
  • We will ask that all guest wear face covering always while in the studio and commonly used areas
  • Closed set will be fully planned and executed by the producer




Small Production Footprint: There is a number of different formulas to aid us in limiting the size of the production which will help minimize the overall numbers of our workforce at any one time. One formula would be to incorporate a prep-day if possible to allow our different departments to work in isolation. For instance, only the Art department would start the day by stage/dressing the set/s, then next, only G&E would light and block the sets and if time permits the talent and DP could have a walkthrough with or without talent. Utilizing a prep-day will then allow us to significantly reduce our overall footprint on the actual shoot day/s. 


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Important Studio Covid-19 Information

We wanted to let you know that we are in full compliance with the COVID-19 prevention measures and guidelines recommended by AICP & the DGA on-site at our studio.  To learn more about our studio during this time, please click here.