Eight Legendary Women All of whom are Jessica Lange

It seems almost fitting that on Saturday, January 21st, as I was in my LA studio with my camera pointed towards the extraordinarily talented Jessica Lange posed as the heroic Gloria Steinem, Gloria was once again lending her powerful voice to the chorus of millions of women as they protested across the country, declaring to the world, "We will not be pushed around!"

Eight Legendary Women
Eight Legendary Women

In the 16 hours that followed, we would continue to pay homage to the legendary photographers who captured the essence of eight remarkable women: Frida Kahlo, Simone de Beauvoir, Diana Vreeland, Janis Joplin, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Georgia O’Keefe, and Gloria Steinem. It was important for me to draw upon and convey the energy we felt in the studio that day, due in no small part to the monumental demonstrations taking place across the nation, as our tour-de-force activist Jessica Lange gave her heart and soul to fully embody each of these great women.

Watch all the action here

Eight Legendary Women

A big thank you goes out to my amazing crew. Hair and Makeup by Randy Wilder, Prosthetics by J Anthony Kosar and Anna Cali, Wardrobe styling by Leslie Pace, and Sets by Rick Floyd. And of course, thank you to Jody Quon of New York Magazine for her trust and support producing this amazing portfolio.

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