American Bikers
Publisher: Schirmer Art Books
Introduction by Prosper Keating


Artist Statement
“The spring of 1990 I attended a biker rally sponsored by a local Harley-Davidson dealership in my hometown of Elgin, Illinois. This rally was organized to raise money for a local residential facility which also provided medically oriented services to children and young adults with severe disabilities. The Little Angels’ Home would be the recipient and host to bikers from across the Fox Valley area including famed biker and American hero, W.G. Davidson and his wife. The rally site, which also became the biker’s gathering point after the 100 mile pledged run, was to be a place for laughter, dancing, hugs, food, and conversation between the bikers and the Little Angels’ Children. This day brought tears to my eyes and would forever change my media-driven, brain-washed thoughts and put me on my mission to meet and photograph as many bikers as I could.

During the next five years, I attended biker rallies all across America and photographed bikers from around the country. On my journey I learned that 99 percent of these bikers rode for many different causes throughout America. Their hearts big and their love for life bigger yet, they opened my eyes and heart to a wonderful group of people who so often have been categorized and demeaned by the American public. To all of those who took the time to talk to me, to be photographed, whether in this book or not, I sincerely thank you.

As for the Little Angels, in 1990 the bikers raised $61,000 and in 1998 over $300,000. Because of the Little Angels’ Pledged Run a brand-new, thirty-two bed addition will soon be constructed to house, more comfortably, these beautiful children in need.”

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