Raw Steppenwolf
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Artist Statement

Over the last twelve years I have had the honor and the privilege to photograph the actors of Steppenwolf, the of-ten proclaimed “best theater company in the world.” Tim evans, then a steppenwolf producer, contacted me over a decade ago and asked if I would be interested in shooting the playbills, posters and ensemble portraits needed each year to promote the company. Of course, even without knowing that serious friendships with the ensemble members would impact my thinking and change my carrer, I accepted. Under the artistic direction of Martha Lavey, I would share responsiblility for creating an image of the Ensemble that would move and attract audienc-es through posters, ad campagins, the main Steppenwolf marque and, also important, the covers for Playbill for each play.
I quickly realized that I was working with supremely talented artists who were willing, even eager, to collaborate in pushing the emotional and expressive envelope in our photo sessions. Imagine having Gary Sinise, for exam-ple, in your studio and shooting for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” knowing that, with minimal directorial encouragement, he would visit his darker side with his sinister, evil laugh. Working with complete confidence and admiration for what we were creating together, each company member unleashed those commonly held but commonly restrained deep emotions- crying, laughing hysterically, shouting to extremes in front of my camera. This book was born in the environemnt of this very emotional stage. Rarely would anyone see these ever- beauti-ful raw revelations that were hidden behind the ads and playbills that launched the photo sessions.
Included signed print of Gary Sinise.

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