Finding Freedom
Publisher: St. Leonard’s Ministries


Artist Statement

St. Leonard’s Ministries is somewhat of a heaven on earth. I was moved to tears more than once with the realiza-tion that sitting in front of me was a person; a flesh and blood human being with heart, feelings, and an undeni-able need for understanding. It struck me that these people had been hit hard by society’s injustices, prejudices, and misgivings. I could feel the horrors of their stories, which I could see in their faces, and the sorrows in their eyes. I often wept for these beautiful people who were just an arm’s length from my camera. I wanted to save them, to hold them, and to listen to them; they, instead, saved me with their words of life and dreams – dreams that had been broken, dreams that were newly formed, and dreams of a new beginning. Thank you, St. Leonard’s Ministries, for being home to these extraordinary, beautiful people. Thank you, Bran-don Crockett, for asking me to join your crusade of love, and for sharing your passion of poetry with these new poets of Chicago. But mostly thank you to the brilliant residents of St. Leonard’s Ministries for taking the chance and writing these powerful poems for you to share with the world. You have changed my life, as well as your own, forever.

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