Imagine Cuba
Publisher: Charta

Price: $55

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Artist Statement

Cuba provided me with amazing light to shoot in – a light that was spiritual in quality, and a light that would change every time I turned a corner. The people of Cuba provided me with faces that told a million stories – sto-ries of war, of love, of heartache and pain, of hard work and determination – faces beaten up by the sun and the heat, but most of all faces that still had pride running deep within the pores of their skin. I hope you enjoy your journey through this book of my images. This is a real journey, with real people and their real stories. They are people like you and me, who share the same lust for life. We all want the same things in life, for our families and ourselves – to be happy, and to have a chance in this ever-growing, often painful world. You will find a mixture of the ordinary with the extraordinary. From the bottom of my heart, I wish the best for the Cuban people: I wish that someday our country and their country might live together in peace; that they will be granted the uncondi-tional right to travel and visit their families; and that we, in turn, will be able to travel just as freely, and visit this wonderful island just a stone’s throw to the south of our homes.

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